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Apocalypse director snapped a photograph of himself with Hoult and Lawrence close by, affirming that shooting for the forthcoming film had started. Lawrence, who sports a big grin on her face, had called it quits with Hoult back in due to her hectic work schedule. The actress became so busy with her career, she could not find time for her former boyfriend, who she has famously dumped on multiple occasions. The couple has reportedly ended their relationship four times in the past, and every breakup was blamed on scheduling conflicts. The positive side to dating another actor is that they comprehend the business and how it does not generally suit the needs of the individual. In the meantime, its negatives are that there is rare time for personal pleasure, such as spending time with family or settling down in a relationship. Taking into consideration that Lawrence has quickly become one of the biggest Hollywood stars, her career will not be slowing down anytime soon. Filming X-Men will see the two work together for a considerable amount of time. Shooting for the movie is expected to last two months, which could potentially mean that Lawrence may want to give the relationship another try. There is nothing wrong with being in two-month long relationships, is there?

Why Jennifer Lawrence will be single forever

Jennifer Lawrence at this year’s Oscars and her debut in Image: Yes, we adore you and when it comes to stepping out on the red carpet you can do no wrong in our eyes. The Hunger Games actress is certainly gaining style-icon status, and we always eagerly anticipate seeing what she is wearing. Although these days we can usually put money on it being a Dior Couture gown, due to the year-old being a brand ambassador and face of the French design house since

Jennifer Lawrence’s new stylists, following Rachel Zoe, Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson always have nipple covers in their bags and love blazers. Read more.

Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s most in-demand young actress, but ever since she won her Oscar, it’s hard for her to find a screen lover who isn’t approaching middle age. And Scarlett Johansson has been paired with older actors so often that when she romanced Mark Ruffalo in this summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, their year age difference was the least nitpicked aspect of their union.

These three young, smoky-voiced actresses are often referred to as wise beyond their years, and in , they’ve all got the graying love-interests to match that perception. It isn’t news that Hollywood likes to pair its older men with younger women , but as these charts will show, there’s surely something unusual going on when the three hottest actresses in the and-under bracket are routinely steered toward men of a certain age.

It was also the year that the then year-old Jim Carrey found himself so intoxicated by Stone that he put out a YouTube video fantasizing about a potential sex life with her that would eventually produce “chubby little freckle-faced kids. Aside from the Spider-Man franchise that paired her with real-life beau Andrew Garfield who’s only five years older , Stone has since spent her tenure on the A-list beaming at men old enough to be her father, including Gangster Squad’s Sean Penn 54 at the time of release , and Colin Firth 53 in the comedy Magic in the Moonlight, from noted May-December advocate Woody Allen.

And then there’s this past weekend’s troubled Aloha, where the petite Stone feels so ill-matched with her year-old screen lover Bradley Cooper that Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny wrote how Cooper “comes off as a sad, broken old man who is attracted to her youth like a vampire. Jennifer Lawrence had no love interest in the Oscar-nominated Winter’s Bone, so for most audiences, the first time she showed off her sexual side was when she clambered into Michael Fassbender’s bed in X-Men: First Class in an attempt to seduce the years-older actor.

At first, his character brushes her off by saying, “Maybe in a few years,” but a minute later, they’re locking lips. So much for that age difference. Not long after, Lawrence booked The Hunger Games and vaulted into Hollywood’s top echelon, and if it weren’t for the teen-targeting sequels to that movie, where she gets to kiss young peers like Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, she’d be exclusively matched with much older men onscreen.

In two separate movies, she’s hooked up with Bradley Cooper who was old enough to drive when Lawrence was born , and director David O.

How Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield became Hollywood’s on/off sweethearts

Apocalypse and is reportedly working with Steven Spielberg to develop a film about the life of wartime photographer Lynsey Addario. Russell and actor Bradley Cooper. But the frame is particularly crowded this year: Oh, and a little movie called Star Wars will be in its second weekend in theaters. Lawrence happened to sit down for a wide-ranging interview with Vogue magazine the day after Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was released from jail, where she had been held for refusing to comply with a court order to grant a marriage license to a same-sex couple.

I grew up in Kentucky.

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Clad in the same color red that she wore for her first Oscars back in , Lawrence appeared onstage twice. The second was accepting said Golden Globe in a victory over Schumer, who was primed to cap an incredible year. One reporter — a member of the foreign press — was asking a question about seeing herself on-screen. Apparently, he was looking at his phone to read the question.

Lawrence wagged a finger at him. You’ve got to live in the now. He then continued his question, referencing the Oscars instead of the Golden Globes. The backlash on Twitter was less supportive of the actress. Elsewhere, news outlets registered the call for Schumer and Lawrence to host next year’s Golden Globes. This, too, was rejected by many online, with others suggesting presenters Eva Longoria and America Ferrera take Schumer and Lawrence’s place.

How did Lawrence go from beloved star to recipient of the latest wave of backlash seemingly in one night? The truth is that she didn’t — this has been a long time coming, and part of a pattern that extends far beyond her. The Globes just happened to serve as the final blow.

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Whether she’s pretending to be angry and storming out of an interview , or spray-painting over an image of Passengers co-star Chris Pratt , she enjoys pulling practical jokes on the people around her. You might think that she would spare her boyfriend from such antics. Not even Nicholas Hoult was exempt from her tomfoolery.

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The alleged affair with former nanny Christine Ouzounian was reportedly the last straw for Jennifer Garner that pushed her to finally end her year marriage with Ben Affleck. But now, it seems that the Alias star is turning to Michael Vartan for comfort after the separation, according to KDrama Stars. Vartan separated from his wife last year and is now an eligible bachelor. It is worth noting that Vartan dated Garner from to before Affleck came into the picture, and CDL called the co-stars’ connection as “palpable.

There are also rumors that Garner’s “affair” with Vartan is well known to people in their closest circle. The website also cited a time when Garner “hooked up” with Vartan before her separation from Scott Foley in She was allegedly cheating on Foley on set. In addition, Garner has reportedly been leaning on Vartan during the most trying years of her marriage with Affleck.

Meanwhile, Foley spoke out regarding the issue at the time and confirmed that their split was not the result of a third party, but it was because of Garner’s fame. After Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s divorce, they continue to treat each other amicably for the sake of their three children.

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The insider says, “Things are getting serious with them. They are so in love with each other. They laugh all the time! As for what’s to come for the under-the-radar duo? The source says that the two have indeed discussed their future together but are “not in any rush to get married. News that the couple has been dating officially “since August” , but rumors didn’t start swirling until October

Watch video · Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone at the Oscars in Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP G arfield doesn’t accompany Stone to the Oscars, where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

The actress is a lovable klutz whose Oscar night falls are pretty much expected. She took a header while accepting her Best Actress statuette in She reprised that epic trip with a red carpet tumble during the following year’s ceremony. She makes smart career choices, in addition to making us believe that she really is her character. She brought Katniss Everdeen, a badass warrior goddess if there ever was one, to life in such dynamic fashion. J-Law is a catch, since she is rich, famous, talented, and stunning.

She is likeable, goofy, and real. Let’s break it down. However, she might be a little too quirked out for her own good. MTV suggested that the actress’ Oscar falls were staged and planned. That seems a bit far-fetched, since she was, you know, wearing huge, hard-to-move-in couture gowns, and these were two huge nights in her career.

There was no time for faking falls. Even so, she is adorably neurotic, talking to David Letterman about having really bad gas while promoting the second Hunger Games film and freaking out when a reporter spoiled Homeland secrets for her in

Josh Hutcherson

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Why we love Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence has endeared herself to millions for her refreshingly down-to-earth personality, whether she’s making bubbly talk-show appearances or speaking her mind at conventions. Sometimes being nice can be a problem, she writes in a recent essay, but that doesn’t mean we won’t remain fans. Here are 16 reasons why the Oscar winner is so beloved.

Watch video · “If Jennifer and I were at all attracted to each other, it would be the most intense relationship in the world,” he told British GQ. You guys are ALREADY pretty intense, guys.

Sony Hack One of the biggest stars in Hollywood opens up about the evolution of her career and feelings about celebrity, the phone hack that left her feeling “gang-banged by the f—ing planet” and her work with Darren Aronofsky on the most grueling and controversial movie of her career “I kind of made it and broke it”. I have to push myself. I have to try as hard as I can to transform. Russell’s Silver Lining’s Playbook, American Hustle and Joy and giant blockbusters like those that comprise the X-Men and Hunger Games franchises , as well as her amiable manner of promoting them.

But this fall, she starred in a movie that threw her fanbase for a loop: The film, which centers on Lawrence’s reserved housewife whose home is rocked by a series of increasingly shocking events, so confounded those who saw it that it received a dreaded F CinemaScore rating, which, in turn, kept others from checking it out. On the one hand, it’s almost impossible to imagine that such an extreme film would ever have gotten made at a major studio like Paramount in without her participation.

On the other hand, she realizes, her performance, which so conflicts with her previously established screen persona, might have made it harder for audiences to digest the movie. You can hear the entire interview below [starting at

Jennifer Lawrence’s Surprising Dating Confession We Didn’t Expect to Hear