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Comment Subscribe to comments with RSS. I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this! I also have a Watt inverter that I use to keep my phone and laptop charged. I have drained the battery to the point it will not start the Transit so I am trying to add additional power to keep from drawing the battery down for a longer period of time. After reading your article, it sounds like I should avoid drawing the vehicle battery down too low. Would you recommend dual batteries, a deep cycle battery, or…?

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How to Prolong Lead-acid Batteries Explore what causes corrosion, shedding, electrical short, sulfation, dry-out, acid stratification and surface charge A lead acid battery goes through three life phases: In the formatting phase, the plates are in a sponge-like condition surrounded by liquid electrolyte. Exercising the plates allows the absorption of electrolyte, much like squeezing and releasing a hardened sponge.

As the electrodes activate, the capacity gradually increases. Cycle life of a battery.

hook up cable,caravan hook up cable,camping mains cable,camping hook up lead. Shopping Cart 0 item(s) – £ Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. 10m Caravan Camping Electric Mains Hook Up Lead in Yellow 16Amp Ceeform Male to Female Connections.

When jumpstarting a car you essentially give the dead battery just enough boost to start the engine and then rely on the alternator to charge the battery the rest of the way. When using a battery charger, you allow the battery to charge all the way before it will be used again. This should answer important questions such as what the voltage requirements are for charging your battery and whether or not you should remove it from the vehicle before charging.

There will be a manual with your battery charger that provides details for the appropriate use of the charger. Working in a well-ventilated area will help dissipate the hydrogen gas that batteries generate from the sulfuric acid within their cells. Also, make sure to keep any other volatile substances, such as gasoline, flammable materials, or ignition sources flames, cigarettes, matches, lighters away from the battery at all times.

Glasses, gloves, and other protective gear is a good precaution. Hydrogen released within the battery quickly converts to a gas and expands, this can cause the battery to explode if venting mechanisms fail.

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Mains Hook Up Lead mm x 25m [Product Id: ] A simple and safe way to connect to the electricity at the campsite and get power to your caravan or motorhome. One end .

Last updated on in Camping Tips Sometimes using electricity in your tent is essential, especially if you want to heat your tent in the cooler months. There are also times when a kettle, microwave, lights, and a small fridge may be useful on a long camp, as well as a bottle steriliser for babies. Not to mention a phone charger! What electrical appliances can you use at the campsite?

The majority of campsites in the UK will provide a 3 pin connector rated at 16 Amps, which can provide a V supply, just like at home. The key here is understanding how much you can plug in before the circuit breaker trips. This may be something only the campsite owner can do, which may not be possible between 9 pm and 9 am, or there could even be a charge for resetting the electrics.

Working out exactly how much you can plug in and turn on requires an understanding of Ohms law and also taking into account any voltage drop which can cause a current increase with long lengths of cable! You can use the table below to see how much power you have available depending on the current available at the campsite.

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More info Teppanyaki is an exciting cooking method often seen in Japanese restaurants. The word ‘Teppanyaki’ is derived from ‘teppan’ which means ‘iron plate’ and ‘yaki’ which means ‘grilled’. Chefs all around the world use teppanyaki grill’s to rustle up vegetables, fish and meat on the hot surface. This grill allows you to create this unique dining experience in your home or caravan and provides an exciting and visually appealing cooking experience.

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A & N Motorhome Caravan services: Mains Hook up cables specifications and issues. Caravan and Motorhome mains hook-up cables must conform to a safety standard, BS Which specifies a minimum of mm of high visibilty cable with a rating of over 20Amps. Although the Site Bollard is designed to restrict the current to 16amps the cable rating must be much higher due it’s 25 metre .

The mass of the empty caravan as supplied by Swift including loose items such as the hook-up cable, kit bag, entrance step, manuals etc. If you travel with water in the fresh water tank, toilet flush tank and the water heater the payload will reduce accordingly. The personal effects is based on the number of berths and the length of the caravan and includes an allowance of 20kg for a leisure battery.

Please note that the front double bed sizes quoted are for seating configurations without chest of drawers. The front double bed width for a layout with a chest of drawers fitted will be reduced by 0. Due to the varying awning designs and sizes the awning sizes given are approximate only. Specific awning sizes must be confirmed by your dealer or the awning manufacturer prior to purchase. The dimensions given are approximate due to slight variations in suspension ride heights, loading conditions and tyre pressures.

Customers should verify the actual dimensions of their touring caravan before committing to anything that could be impacted by these dimensions. Any dealer fit options will reduce the overall payload available to the user of the caravan. Please contact your caravan dealer for more information. Certain vehicles may require a secondary fuse box when towing models fitted with LED road lighting.

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What is the must have caravan equipment? There a certain items of equipment that you will need to go with your caravan for it to be fully functional. Fresh water carrier The fresh water carrier is used to store your fresh water and lives outside of your caravan. Typically, the rolling fresh water containers as pictured hold 40 litres of water. Your water pump will connect to the outside of your caravan and dangle into the water carrier and draw water as required.

AC power plugs and sockets allow electric equipment to be connected to the primary alternating current (mains flex lead) to allow connection of the appliance to the socket. The appliance need only to be tested to the power inlet. Motorhomes, camper vans and tents for mains hook-up at camp-sites. Sockets for electric clothes dryers.

Sulfation and How to Prevent it Applying ways to minimize sulfation. Sulfation occurs when a lead acid battery is deprived of a full charge. This is common with starter batteries in cars driven in the city with load-hungry accessories. A motor in idle or at low speed cannot charge the battery sufficiently. Electric wheelchairs have a similar problem in that the users might not charge the battery long enough. An 8-hour charge during the night when the chair is not being used is not enough.

Lead acid must periodically be charged 14—16 hours to attain full saturation. This may be the reason why wheelchair batteries last only 2 years, whereas golf cars with the identical battery deliver twice the service life. Long leisure time allows golf car batteries to get a full charge overnight. Solar cells and wind turbines do not always provide sufficient charge for lead acid banks, which can lead to sulfation.

This happens in remote parts of the world where villagers draw generous amounts of electricity with insufficient renewable resources to charge the batteries. The result is a short battery life. Only a periodic fully saturated charge can solve the problem.

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Thankfully Cool My Camper offers a cost effective and quick method by which you can remove heat from a confined space, thus cooling the air, and remove humidity. Unlike water-cooled or thermoelectric systems the system is refrigerant based split pack with an external condenser unit and internal evaporator unit.

Yet there are no installation costs and the portable and can hang on your van window, or sit on the caravan a-frame or stand on a table.

Pressure Regulators and Gauges. The bigger the regulator, the more water it will pass. Our models are all lead-free as they come from Watts or Fairview. Always choose a regulator with a flow rating that is as much as you can use. The most an RV can use is gpm. Just take it out of the box and hook it up!

Well worth the trip from Essex to North Wales. If you look at the Banner web site you will also see that AGM technology has fallen out of favour. AGM hardly gets a look in. The website actually states that “EFB is the technology of the moment”. The biggest and nicest surprise to support our drive for better awareness that most Motorhome and almost all Caravan chargers are not suitable for AGM batteries this month came from a Caravan and Motorhome Club magazine article. For the first time ever, there is published advice from the Caravan and Motorhome industry to actually avoid AGM batteries!!

The article states something like: Hopefully that will now change and the whole industry will also start warning people about AGM’s? But it isn’t just the v mains chargers in Caravans and Motorhomes that don’t support AGM batteries. The Alternators don’t either, often charging at well less than the The thread has contributions from many different people with differing views represented from a broad spectrum, yet the ultimate conclusion is very different to that perceived by the battery Industry.

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These electrical cords are normally blue in colour and your can pick them up at Bunnings or other tradesman type stores. Obviously the shorter one for when your RV is closer to the power supply box and the longer one when it is further away. For easier convenient storage, purchase a reel on which to store your extension cord. Please note – The extension cord must not be connected to the supply while it is coiled up.

If you need to maintain a state of charge for your RV batteries whilst your motorhome or caravan is stored at home it is recommended you get an electrician to install a 15 amp power point at your residence.

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All other periods not listed above. Please read the following before booking 1. Transferable deposits may be raised solely at the Manager’s discretion. Bookings can be taken over the telephone and can also be done online direct from our website. A particular pitch number can be requested and we will make every effort to meet your requirements, but due to increasing business demands and the popularity of certain pitches we cannot always guarantee all requests.

We reserve the right to allocate a pitch at our discretion. Minimum bookings apply for Bank holidays. Easter is 4 nights; other Bank holidays are 3 nights. There may also be short stay restrictions in high season. We do not accept groups.

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Clockwise from top left: Typically no energy is supplied to any exposed pins or terminals on the socket, for safety. A wall socket or outlet also known as a power point in the UK, [1] receptacle in the US, [2] general purpose outlet or GPO in Australia and New Zealand, [3] and less commonly plug socket [4] or wall plug [5] built into the wall of a building, connected to energized electrical wires.

Because it has holes it is known as a female connector. Sockets may also appear on portable equipment, such as portable generator , extension cords or power strips , but are still generally the half of the connection that provides the electricity. A plug also known as plug top in the UK [6] generally has matching pins also known blades or prongs in the US, especially if flat so it is known as a male connector , and it is connected by a mains cable power cord or physically built into a piece of electrical equipment that consumes electricity.

Caravan Details. Adria Unica UB () The Adria is a lightweight caravan of Slovenian manufacture. It is tastefully furnished and comes with plenty of locker / under seat storage space. electric hook-up plugs and lead wheel clamp spare wheel The van was recently serviced and is ready to tow. Make: Adria;.

Caravanning is a popular British pastime in the summer months and it is widely believed that UK caravans are among the best quality in the world. That is where we at Christchurch Caravans can help you to make the right choice of caravan that will see you enjoy year after year of relaxing family getaways. We stock all layouts of caravans and specialize in ages from , but we can import to your requirements. UK caravans are generally lighter than the New Zealand or Australian manufactured caravans.

They are also narrower at There is much to look out for when buying a second hand caravan and that is where we take the work out of the process for you. All our caravans are personally inspected by associates in the UK before purchase and shipping to New Zealand. We take great care to make sure that every caravan we import is thoroughly checked to ensure it is rust free and does not leak.

All appliances are checked and will be in good working order and we see to it that the caravan is safely shipped to New Zealand. Best of all, we can see to it that you own a superior UK caravan packed full of incredible features at an affordable price when compared to its New Zealand counterparts. All photographs which appear on each page of this site are actual photographs of the particular caravan.

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